Urinary system case study

A pelvic exam revealed sensitivity when touched examined as well as a strong, abnormal odor. She also has several sensitivities to skin products, such as perfumes, deodorant soaps, and other items that contain scents; when she is exposed to such products, including detergents that are not hypoallergenic, she develops a rash on the area of contact, which can range from a small spot on her face to an angry red rash that covers her entire body.

His father had hypertension at a young age as well, and ended up on dialysis before dying from complications of kidney failure. To that end, he hired Tracey, a Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, to help him gain the edge he needed to win at the end of the race.

She periodically takes Robitussin, the over-the-counter cough medicine. Normally these excreted materials stay dissolved in urine, but in some individuals they form precipitates that can develop into kidney stones.

In addition, she has seasonal allergies because she is allergic to grass, pollen, and mold. The patient also has chronic back pain following a car accident several years ago. I know where every bathroom is on every highway and street in the entire state. She states that she literally has to go to the bathroom every hour or two; in addition, she states that her urine has a very strong odor which is different than anything she has ever noticed.

Our editorial team works day and night to create easy-to-follow and helpful college guides and manuals. He had a palpable bladder and a large stone trapped at the urethral entrance. For many years, a physician has been prescribing medication for her to take at bedtime, which has helped her sleep approximately six or seven hours per night.

There were no testicular abnormalities. She stopped drinking entirely after her car accident, because the driver of the other car involved was drunk and she felt that she could have easily caused an accident that had even more serious consequences or might have killed herself or someone else.

This year-old African-American female, Lily R. Kidney stones can form from several different substances. Seasonal allergies affect her by causing her to have a severe sinus headache, itchy eyes, and a runny nose. Max's competitive spirit had been ignited by this, but at the same time he wanted to be first among his peers.

Open surgery has now been largely replaced by endoscopic and percutaneous techniques to remove stones. Based on this, the doctor told Daniel to eat fewer foods containing calcium or oxalate and provided Daniel with a list of foods to limit.

His most immediate concern was that he was experiencing problems with dehydration and fatigue because he hadn't found an effective way to drink enough fluids while exercising. Three weeks later he presented with frank haematuria and incontinence with lower abdominal and left-sided loin pain.

She periodically takes Robitussin, the over-the-counter cough medicine. Now, at the age of 55, he was a master triathlon athlete who routinely placed among the top five tri-athletes of the same age group in the country.

Clinical features Kidney stones cause flank pain that spreads around the abdomen as the stone migrates. Question: Urinary System Case Study Handout Instructions: Below is a case study presentation of a patient w Urinary System Case Study Handout Instructions: Below is a case study presentation of a patient with a urinary condition%(2).

Case Study: A Urinary Tract Infection

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Case Study - Patient with urinary symptoms

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case study on urinary system

this is just a sample! and this is a home visit interview, not a hospital case/5(6).

Case Study: A Urinary Tract Infection

Case Studies in Urinary Tract Infections Robert L. Holley, MSc, MD Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Division of Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology UAB School of Medicine Objectives.

The urinary system contributes to homeostasis by altering blood composition. It is the system of production. URETHRA Urethra is a small tube leading from the internal urethral orifice in the floor of the urinary bladder to the exterior of the body.6 2.

but hydrostatic pressure and gravity also contribute.

Urinary system case study
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Case Study Sample: A Urinary Tract Infection